Office Space

Office Space Stories to put a smile on your dial.

The Invisible Co-worker.

In a co-working space, a freelancer named Ben started talking about an eccentric colleague named Hank who always arrived early and left late. Hank was an enigma; no one had actually met him, but his coffee mug was always warm, his desk filled with intricate doodles, and his lunch always in the fridge. One day, the curious tenants decided to meet Hank. They stayed the whole night only to find out that Hank was an elaborate hoax set up by the night-shift janitor who was making use of the workspace during his break time.

The Office Jungle

A tech startup excitedly moved into a new office they found at a too-good-to-be-true price. Soon, they realized why the rent was so low: the previous tenants, a botany research group, had left behind their experimental fast-growing plants. By the end of their first week, their office was more of a jungle, with vines growing over the monitors and strange fruits hanging from the ceiling. They ended up hiring a part-time gardener to maintain the office, and their office “jungle” became the most Instagrammable tech startup location in the city.

The Secret Room

A small company rented a quaint office in an old townhouse. One day, an employee leaned against a bookshelf, only to fall backwards into a secret room! The landlord, a sweet elderly lady, forgot to mention that the building had a history as a speakeasy during Prohibition. The hidden room was quickly converted into a quirky meeting room, making it the favorite spot for team brainstorming sessions.

The Furry Surprise

A marketing firm was looking for an office space and found the perfect spot. On their first day, they discovered the landlord’s cat, Sir Fluffington, a fat, friendly tabby. They were told the cat came with the office space. Thinking this was a joke, they shrugged it off. However, they quickly realized that Sir Fluffington was serious about his job as the office manager. He would often photobomb video meetings, sit on the keyboard during the most important tasks, and empty his food bowl every hour, demanding a refill. Despite the mischief, Sir Fluffington became the company’s unofficial mascot and the star of their social media accounts.