South Africa’s Back to the Office Rebirth: Back to the Future

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South Africa's Back To The Office Rebirth: Back To The Future"

South Africa, with its rich cultural tapestry and diverse landscapes, has always been a beacon for both tourists and businesses alike. To name a few noteworthy business’s abroad are Amazon moving to Waterfall City and BMW expanding to multiple areas in Gauteng. Over the years, while many companies have expanded globally, there is now a palpable trend of businesses considering moving back, rooting their operations in this rainbow nation. This is particularly evident in sectors that rely heavily on office and warehouse spaces. Tenants both locally and abroad have also consolidated their multiple locations into large commercial spaces to save on costs. Let’s delve into the multiple benefits companies stand to gain from this migration.

  1. Back to Office: Nurturing Productivity in South Africa’s Perfect Working Climate

Remote working had it’s benefits , especially during covid times in South Africa, but the “Back to Office” trend is gaining traction, particularly in South Africa. Here’s why:

People need interaction with colleagues: There’s something intrinsically motivating about working amidst one’s own people, culture, and environment. South Africa, with its mix of traditions, offers a sense of belonging that fosters creativity.

Perfect Working Climate: The temperate climate of South Africa, especially in cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg, not only reduces energy consumption (think heating or cooling costs) but also has been linked to heightened productivity and morale. Company costs in South Africa have become too high as electricity supply has become increasingly expensive. With modern buildings Company owners save a lot with green energy landlord initiatives.

Affordable Office Spaces: Compared to other global hubs, office spaces in South Africa come at a fraction of the cost. This provides businesses with more room for expansion and the option to choose prime locations. You can get offices for as low as R50m² with the office vacancies after covid, giving tenants the ideal timing to secure good deals with loads of incentives.

  1. Warehouse Efficiency: Maximizing Value in South Africa

“Warehouse Efficiency” is not just a buzzword; it’s an operational necessity. South Africa’s strategic location and infrastructure present undeniable advantages:

Geographical Advantage: Proximity to key logistics locations reduced shipping times and transport costs.

Skilled Workforce: The local talent pool, familiar with the nuances of the African market, can streamline warehouse operations, optimizing processes for the local and global market. There is also many skilled workers that are based close to operations in Gauteng at affordable rates.

Cost-Effective Solutions: From construction to maintenance, warehouse costs in South Africa are comparatively lower, allowing businesses to allocate funds to other critical areas that are of more importance.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: The country has been consistently improving its infrastructure, ensuring that warehouses are well-connected to ports, roads, and railways. Port of Gauteng is a new development which will be largest internal rail port in Africa.

  1. Economic and Social Incentives

The South African government, recognizing the potential of businesses returning, has initiated various incentives to appeal to companies wishing to operate in Johannesburg.

Tax Incentives: Businesses that invest in certain sectors or regions enjoy tax breaks, further lowering operational costs.

Supporting Local Communities: Moving back to South Africa allows businesses to play a pivotal role in community development, offering employment, and contributing to the local economy. There are multiple landlords that support local growth. Growthpoint and Redefine being two of the largest landlords have many incentives in place.


In Conclusion South Africa, with its perfect working climate, cost-effective office and warehouse solutions, and supportive policies, is making a compelling case for businesses to move back. Embracing the "Back to Office" ethos and emphasizing "Warehouse Efficiency" here not only promises economic gains but also a chance to reconnect with a nation's soul. For businesses seeking sustainable growth, the time to look towards South Africa is now.Let Turnkey Commercial discuss all your commercial needs and find your perfect office or warehouse solution.